Formal Valuations

Get a Formal Valuation of your Property


We are regularly asked to provide this service, which is usually required for probate, when a homeowner has died, or for divorce or separation, when matrimonial assets are being assessed.

We currently charge £195 plus VAT for providing a formal valuation, and the process is as follows:

Step 1

We need to see your property, so call us on 01482 645100 to arrange a visit

Step 2

Oliver Hudson will visit your property to assess the following:

  • Location
  • Property type
  • Size and scope of property and plot
  • Internal and external condition
  • Open market value

Step 3

Within 5 working days we will send you a letter including:

  • Property specification and description
  • Recommended asking price should the property be brought to market
  • Estimated sale price (valuation) in the event of a sale in current market
  • Invoice for payment within 14 days

If you decide to sell the property in question within 12 months of the formal valuation visit, we will refund your valuation fee on completion of your sale.