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Are you handling a property for an elderly or late relative?

At Hudson Property we particularly specialise in assisting people in this position, and are regularly called upon to advise families and individuals on dealing with a property when a family member has died or moved into a residential home.

Sometimes the advice we give is limited to whether the family should keep or sell the property, and how to go about it.  On other occasions, we are far more involved, particularly if the relatives don’t live locally or are too distressed to deal with matters themselves.

Here are some examples of the basic but nevertheless important ways in which we can help or make arrangements: 

  • Clearance and disposal, including deliveries to local charities
  • Cleaning to prepare for photographs and sale
  • Gardening
  • Meter readings
  • Mail forwarding (and junk mail disposal)
  • Property supervision
  • Minor repairs
  • Storage
  • Removals

Frequently, where a property is being sold following the death of a family member, the family gradually removes from the property everything of monetary or sentimental value, before eventually delivering the keys to us.  We then complete the clearance of the property and, if necessary, arrange a professional clean and garden tidy-up, before placing the property on the market.  Our clients find this approach minimises their stress and hassle, particularly if they are not local or are simply too busy to be able to cope with the additional responsibilities.

If you need this kind of help or would like more information about Property Angels, please call us on 01482 645100.